NEW!!! DIY Suncatcher Kits!!!

Lotus DIY Suncatcher Activity Kit for Adults
Lotus DIY Suncatcher Activity Kit for Adults
Lotus DIY Suncatcher Activity Kit for Adults
Lotus DIY Suncatcher Activity Kit for Adults
Lotus DIY Suncatcher Activity Kit for Adults

Lotus DIY Suncatcher Activity Kit for Adults

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Have you ever wanted to make a suncatcher, but just never knew where to start? This is the perfect kit to test the waters! If you can tie your shoelaces, you can make this kit. Dazzle the room with tiny rainbows in about an hour or so. It doesn't matter if you are a first-timer or an old pro, Swarovski Crystals sparkle the same for everyone. It makes any level of work a showstopper. It really does. You can use your own jewelry pliers, or ours (optional).

I absolutely loooove playing with color gradients. Featuring approx. 30 different crystals in each kit, in up to 20 different shades of color. 🤩 The beads are pre-strung, so you just pull one off the strand, and wrap it on the frame.

You don’t have to go it alone! We made a video. I walk you through the whole thing, and you do what I do. I even cover things like, how to get your suncatcher to hang straight, and I show tips on wire wrapping in general. It's free on YouTube, so it plays on any device with internet. Follow along with me wrap-for-wrap!

I’m so excited to share these craft kits for people to enjoy, with no need to invest in additional tools or supplies.

— Raw Copper Lotus wire frame (hand forged by me). May oxidized over time, which just adds a lovely antiqued look.
— Pre-sorted Swarovski and Czech Crystals in your choice of ombre color scheme:
• Violet Teal Blue
• Ruby Grapefruit
• Rainbow
— Solid Brass ring
— Copper wire-wrapping wire
— Optional basic jewelry plier set: round-nose, chain-nose, wire cutters.
— Photo of finished piece to consult and instructional YouTube video to follow along. Once you learn the basics featured in the video, you can actually start making jewelry with those techniques!


This kit is intended for adults or teens under supervision, as the wires can be a bit pokey if you’re not careful. I would recommend working on a sturdy surface or placing beads on a small dish so that you don’t lose any pieces if you bump the table. If you own cats, try not to draw their attention because you’ll have trouble keeping them away. 😸

DISCLAIMER: The release of these craft kits does not in any way endorse the copying of our other suncatcher designs. You may use the physical product contained in these kits however you like, but reproduction of instructional text, video, or photos for commercial purposes is prohibited.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!